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Hagley Torque


Introducing our new look magazine, Hagley Torque

The club magazine has had a few tweaks over the years to freshen it up but the latest one is full-on facelift that even includes a renaming. The magazine contains news, articles and interviews as well as reports and results from all our events. This, along with the club website are the ways to keep up with all things Hagley. 

The magazine is distributed regularly throughout the year to all our members, and is compiled by our editor, Colin Mee, who is an avid motorsports enthusiast, competitor and marshal at our events.

Hagley Torque is available exclusively to Club Members. Click here to find out more about membership.

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Between the Scenes


The predecessor to the new Hagley Torque

Between the scenes was our monthly issue magazine to our members, and was published for over 20 years. Numerous cosmetic changes were made over the years, with several editors all contributed its contents. Geoff Robinson, our Hagley Torque editor, took on Between The Scenes in 2014 and continued to improve and develop it ever since.

2021 sees the Club turn a new leaf, and we now present our new look magazine Hagley Torque.

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