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Skittled Out!

Traditionally, the Hagley season kicks off with a warming social do, and our Skittles night was certainly warming! A simple bowling alley tucked up in the attic of a pub, great food and beer (to aid the aiming) and 3 balls each. Four teams of 6 with my team getting the 7th member which I kept secret until the end when we were 'discovered', kept everyone very busy. We had new and familiar faces, and an excellent re-positioning team, Team Jamie, who's children slaved away enthusiastically replacing the set of 9 tall skittles and rolling the balls back. I last saw Jamie when he was a marshal and 16 and he was 5 feet tall; now, 12 years on, he is 15 feet tall. Time flies. So did the balls: with uncanny accuracy, many managed to hurl the balls clean through the 9 skittles, missing every one of them, but Jamie took the highest score of 14 with 3 balls. Ballistic comes to mind as we all put our tin hats on before he started to 'bowl'... His 2 children had a good go too, each scoring well and at many times, better than the adults. They entertained us all well. Dinner interrupted play half way through: lots to eat and the competitive edge continued in fine style as some took 3rds and I suspect Richard Summers went secretly to 4ths just to beat me and Simon Fidoe. At the end the over-manned 'Team Graham won', but John Mould won convincingly and Lindsay Summers took the Wooden Spoon with great glee and a beaming smile. Cracking night out and if you didn't make it, do so next year!