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A challenging weekend to start our season

The weather was the real winner at Loton Park last weekend with much rain on Friday through to the middle of Saturday, which affected the track conditions all weekend even well after the rain stopped. But it could have been worse, as the snow returned early Monday morning!

We again invited spectators to attend for free on Easter Sunday and with the day being forecast as the best day of the weekend we attracted a great crowd to see a wonderful mix of cars to start the hillclimb season.

Saturday was the Hagley members practice day and attracted a full entry but this was reduced by early season non-starters. Alex Summers was sharing his mother Lindsay’s 1070cc DJ Firehawk with Debbie Dunbar and he ended up setting the best time of the day ahead followed by Debbie, Eynon Price and Robert Kenrick.

On Sunday, we invited two championships from the Bugatti Owners Club plus hosted the first round of our own ‘Allswage’ Loton Park members’ series and received over 100 entries, again reduced on the day by several non-starters. Alex Summers changed his race suit to occupy the commentary box at the top of the hill and entertained the spectators with his great knowledge and much insight from a champion drivers’ prospective and answering many questions from co-commentator Geoff Robinson.

Eynon Price has recently acquired a 1000cc Force PC and set the fastest time of the day ahead of Steve Morgan’s Empire Evo, followed by Darren Gumbley’s Force TA from the up to 1100cc class.

Our next weekend at Loton Park is the weekend of April 14/15th when we have full entries on both days with a great mix of cars plus the bikes and sidecars/trikes and the Morgan 3-wheelers. Practice takes place in the morning on both days with racing following during the afternoon.