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Marshal Q&A

So, who exactly are our hard-working Orange Army and why do they give up their weekends to stand out in all weathers? Let’s meet a few of Loton Park’s marshals to find out what makes them tick. We thought we’d start off with the entire Evans family, Ruth, Pete, Pete Junior and Lara.

How did you first get involved with marshaling?

Ruth: When we were passing Loton on August Bank Holiday Sunday afternoon 2015. I was driving us, I just turned in to Loton as a surprise for Pete and Pete Jnr. We stayed and spectated until the end. We then went to spectate a few times in 2016. We liked talking to the drivers and the marshals were so helpful too.

Pete: Although Ruth likes to take credit for us becoming marshals I had been pa

ssing Loton for years when I was a Rolls Royce apprentice in Shrewsbury. And wanted to take the family there for some time. Unfortunately, Ruth was driving on the Bank Holiday Weekend, so she likes to take full credit for it!

Pete Jnr: Despite Mum and Dad saying that they are responsible for our new “hobby”, I feel it was all down to me that we had begun marshalling as my deep passion for motorsport started when I was 9 years old and saw a Mustard- yellow Lotus Esprit V8 Twin Turbo GT with Low Wing (pre-facelift), possibly 1998 parked at Loton.

Lara: What really happened was that after spectating several times, we were later driving past when a driving school was running and Dad drove us in to ask about marshalling for my brother. They said, why not come to the next meeting in September. So, we went to take my brother (it was the last meeting of 2016) and the sign on marshal (Jan Bayford) asked what the rest of us were doing while he was there - which was just spectating - so she suggested we all could marshal as well - and Voila - we did.

Ruth: Ah, yes…and we had only gone there for the Saturday so we drove home to Wales and returned first thing Sunday morning for a second turn.

What is it about marshaling that makes you keep coming back?

Pete: In the beginning it was to be closer to the cars and track action, but now it’s about being with friends and feeling part of a team and enjoying drivers and marshals’ company.

Pete Jnr: The reason I go marshalling is to bide time until I am old enough to race my own 1967 Lotus Elan Series 3 S/E with Works Racing Head finished in Sirus White.