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Event Report - 20/21 April 2019

After a break of around 15 years, Loton Park once again hosted Rounds 1 and 2 of the MSA British Hillclimb Championship and the opening rounds of the Leaders and Midland Hillclimb Championships. In addition to the cars, there was a National championship round for motorbikes on Saturday and a round of their Classic series on Sunday.

The weekend weather was fabulous, Sunday dawning warm and sunny. The first run off of the new season was won by Scott Moran in 44.36s, which was to be the fastest time of the day, from Wallace Menzies in second place and Alex Summers in third. Dave Uren had failed to qualify following a spin and Richard Spedding had carried on onto the grass at Fallow with brake issues. Both drivers qualified for the second run-off which was won by Wallace from Alex second and Trevor Willis in third. Lower down the table, a fabulous battle is beginning between the 1600s of Matt Ryder and Dave Warburton, Dave coming out just on top this time.

Elsewhere in the paddock the competition was just as exciting. Tony Adams took the under 2000cc Road Going class by almost 3 seconds in his Elise. Sarah Bosworth rediscovered the route to the summit and took the Modified Series Production Car under 2000cc class, also in an Elise. After a 20-year break from the sport, Christian Mineeff returned to take the resurgent Sports Libre Class in Ray Rowan’s Pilbeam MP43 from the very competitive Mini Evo of Allan McDonald.

Paddock entertainment was provided by Ash Mason running up to the startline alongside his guest co-driver Joy Hoyle explaining how to work launch control! He must have succeeded as Joy came an excellent third in the Modified Specialist Production Car class in the awesomely powerful supercharged Westfield; Ash taking the win from Steve Garner in second.