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Mid-summer weekend with mixed weather

In the middle of July we always hope that we will have the best summer weather, but last weekend the sun only appeared at times on both days but so did the occasional rain shower.

Having hosted the first two rounds of the British Hill Climb Championship at Easter in April, this year we had to re-schedule the invitations to all the one day clubbie meetings and championships. The NHCA motor bikes made their second visit to Loton Park this year and were joined by the Morgan 3-wheelers, plus the Ferrari series, along with the HSA, the DEWS Downton Minis, the Lotus 7 Club and the Nottingham Sports Car Club on both days. On Sunday we also had the Triumph TR cars and the Morgan Sports Car Club. Usually this weekend attracts the lowest number of competitors but this year we were over-subscribed on both days – on Sunday we received 207 entries for 145 places! This obviously caused our Entry Secretary a considerable headache and some very disappointed competitors. We wish to thank those Championship Secretaries who were very co-operative in helping to choose which entries to accept and those that had to be refused.

Amongst those that missed out on Sunday was Scott Moran – he had been invited to drive Mark Dalton’s Empire on both days. On Saturday he did share the car but was beaten to best time of the day with a best of 51.00 seconds against the 50.62 set by Mark. We did have two new class records on Saturday with a new best Ferrari time of 58.28 by Nick Taylor and, in the DEWS Minis, Martin Watts beat his own record with a 55.41 in his 998cc. Silva Riot. The NHCA Bikes often miss out on getting their top ten run-off at the end of the day, but this weekend it did happen on both days with two wins for Glyn Poole and Guy Ursell the bridemaid on both occasions.

Lee Griffiths was entered in his re-engined OMS 25 on Sunday and duly set the best time of the weekend at 48.50 seconds ahead of Mark Dalton, with Scott continuing to offer much help and advice, even on wife Deb’s birthday. With full entries, we finished around 5.30pm. on both days – a credit to all involved after a very difficult few weeks leading up to the weekend. We now look forward to the next meetings on August 3 rd . and 4 th . with a great mix of entries with the TVRs, Classic Marques sports cars, Formula Fords, rally cars and our own Loton Park Championship.