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An update from the Club

We would like to bring you up to date on what is happening at HDLCC.

Small socially distanced working parties have commenced at Loton Park to complete the work

outstanding since the commencement of “lockdown”. These are mainly works associated with track

and paddock safety, completion of the new cabling in the underground ductwork installed during

the winter, cutting the rampant plant growth, and maintaining all the buildings and marshals huts.

After much discussion, the Main Committee have adopted a two stage strategy to re-commence

motorsport at Loton Park. The intention is to run a members only one-day hill climb event on 30

August 2020. From the lessons learnt from this event there will be a second one-day event which

will be open to members and invited clubs at the end of September. Unless Government and

Motorsport UK guidelines change these two events will be non-spectator and only open to

competitors, limited support crews, and marshals and officials.

A sub-committee has been set up to develop the necessary management and organisational systems

to ensure compliance with Government and Motorsport UK Covid-19 guidelines. This is quite

complex as most pre-lockdown practices have to be changed, developed or refined. Work is

progressing at a pace and it is anticipated that permits will be obtained and Supplementary

Regulations and entry forms published in the near future.

A separate group are looking at the impact of Government and Motorsport UK Covid-19 guidelines

on our other motorsport disciplines, auto-testing and sporting trials. It is hoped that we will have

more to announce on this shortly.

The Main Committee have also decided that, as a thank you to our Members for their ongoing

support, all continuously fully paid up members on 30 June 2020 will receive a four month extension

on their current or next subscription period.