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Are you interested in motorsport or do you accompany someone who attends events at Loton Park?

We are looking for volunteers to assist us.

In this instance it is to serve customers in our Regalia shop at Loton Park.

The shop is splendid timber building sited above Triangle Bend and has a good view of the track and is within range of the commentary over the Public Address system.  We have an excellent range of good quality regalia at reasonable prices which is well received by our customers.

What we need are volunteers who are able to spend time in the shop serving customers.  You can determine the time you wish to be serving to suit yourself, whether it be a day, half a day, or even just an hour.  We can then arrange to open the shop to suit volunteers and advertise opening times on the face of the building.

If you are interested please email or text 07774 154443.

Alternatively, at an event make yourself known to Secretary of the Meeting in the signing-on hut in the main Paddock who will pass you on to someone who can give you more information.